Christian Myths About Being Born Again

Don’t let these Christian myths flood your mind when it comes to being born again. You see, that’s the devil’s plan – If he can confuse you about what it takes and what it means to be born again, he has won a significant victory. Here are a few common myths/lies he tells…

5 Myths About Salvation

Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true. That’s why we use the Bible as the ultimate authority in showing us what’s truth and what’s myth. Believing a lie can keep you from being born again, here are a few common myths about salvation to watch out for.

Christian Myth #1 – Many roads lead to God

Is God really that fussy about us coming to God only through Jesus? It’s not about God being fussy, it’s just that through Jesus is the only way it’s possible to be saved or born again. Would God have sent his only son to die such a painful and humiliating death, if it really didn’t make a difference which path you take? Jesus said salvation is a single and narrow road, that many have missed (Matt 7:13-14). He also made it clear that He was infact the ONLY way to God (John 14:6).

Christian Myth #2 – Nice guys go to heaven.

Being nice, truthful, loyal or any other good character trait has nothing to do with getting to heaven. Jesus showed that to see God’s kingdom, you have to be born again (John 3:3). That’s how you become a Christian and that’s how you get to heaven.

Christian Myth #3 – If you sin, you’ll lose your salvation

Not even close to truth. If you sin, you can simply repent (1 John 1:9). Remember, when you’re born again, you’re in Christ and condemnation or guilt can’t reach you (Roms 8:1). You don’t need to fear sin, or even focus on it. Focus instead on the grace that comes through Jesus, and pleasing God with your life.

Christian Myth #4 – I’ve sinned too much to be saved.

Is it possible to be so bad that God can’t forgive you? Actually that’s a pretty arrogant way to think. To say that you’ve managed to achieve a level of sin, that is greater than the Death of Jesus, the son of God. That you’re more sinful than Almighty God is able to forgive. That lie comes from the devil who wants to keep you from being saved. The bible says that “EVERYONE who call upon the name of the Lord WILL be saved” (Acts 2:21). It’s not the level of sin that keeps men from being saved, it’s a refusal to accept God’s free offer of salvation.

Christian Myth #5 –I’m not ready to be saved.

If you could sort out yourself first, you wouldn’t need Jesus to get saved. Don’t let feelings of guilt, self righteousness or condemnation keep you from being born again. God made salvation a free gift because no one was even remotely good enough by themselves. The bible says, “ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus…” Rom 3:23.

Christian Myth # 6 – I’m saved because I go to church.

Will climbing a tree every Sunday make you a monkey? Will sleeping in the garage every weekend make you a car? Neither does going to church make anyone a Christian.

You become a Christian by being born again – accepting what Jesus did to make you God’s Child and rid you of all your sins. After that church starts to make sense – as a place you can learn and grow as a Christian.

You can get rid of false beliefs by recognizing the truth, and meditating on it until it becomes your new perspective on the matter. Once you know and do the truth, it will make you free and allow you to enjoy the benefits God intended for you.

As always, i welcome your comments

Max Soutter


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