Posted in June 2012

The Sins Of Jesus

‘Guilty as Sin’? That was Jesus. So guilty in fact that the all merciful God couldn’t stand the sight of him – and had to turn away. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or [insert favorite dictator here] – All practically saints compared to Jesus. They had to be, if God’s plan was going to work. Jesus wasn’t … Continue reading

Hard Work Or Spiritual Rest?

Don’t let them lie to you, hard work is not the key to success. Many work hard everyday of their lives yet still fail miserably. The real key to success in any area of life, is to rest while you work. Rest in God’s love and in the finished work of Jesus. Rest in the … Continue reading

Don’t Try To Please God

The secret to pleasing God is not to try at all. That’s because God’s isn’t pleased by our efforts, they are imperfect, filthy rags. He is pleased by Christ and you are in Christ. Please God with your life is not a matter of trying, it’s a matter of relying on the fact that Jesus … Continue reading

Christianity VS Morality

A set of moral laws to live by…that’s NOT what Jesus died to give you. Most moral laws you could get from any religion in the world. Jesus came to give you a re-created life. A brand spanking new life that’s free from sin, full of righteousness. Christianity is not about living a moral life … Continue reading

Can’t Trust Myself!

I’ve learned that I just can’t trust myself anymore. Can’t afford to even try. Neither can you. If you feel like a failure, excellent!  As you quickly realize the truth. You failed because you relied on yourself, not

Can ANYONE be Born Again?

Can any and everyone be born again? Or is it reserved for a special group of ‘natural do gooders? Are you good enough to be born again and accepted as God’s child? These are common questions. Often, because of how you’ve been taught to measure yourself and how others have judged you, you may feel … Continue reading

Don’t Confess Your Sin!

When you become a Christian, you go through the process of being forgiven or your sins and given a new life (born again) without sin in Christ. You are now righteous. It all happens in an instant. There is no need to keep confessing sin. You are now forgiven. If you do something wrong, don’t