Don’t Confess Your Sin!

When you become a Christian, you go through the process of being forgiven or your sins and given a new life (born again) without sin in Christ. You are now righteous. It all happens in an instant. There is no need to keep confessing sin. You are now forgiven.

If you do something wrong, don’t feel guilty, don’t beat yourself up, don’t even ask God to forgive you, it’s too late for all that. He has already forgiven you and cleansed you of all unrighteousness. Simply confess your righteousness in Christ.

Say “Father thank you that I am and have your righteousness in Christ Jesus and I have overcome sin. Thank you that there is no condemnation for me and that through you, I will do better next time’.

Then move on with your day.

It doesn’t look as holy as religiously confessing how evil you are and how disappointed God must be and begging him to give you another chance. When you’ve been trained by religion, it will feel too easy, too simple. I lived in that place once. But that is how God wants it.

Decide; Has God forgiven you of your sins or not? Either Jesus removed your guilt and gave you righteousness or you are still lost in the world and without God. They cannot both be true.

You don’t need to ‘stay right with God’, you can’t. Only Jesus could, that’s why God had to give righteousness to you as a permanent gift, free of charge, the whole thing, no questions asked. It’s called ‘saved by grace’.

So next time you’re tempted to confess your sin, confess your righteousness instead.


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