Don’t Try To Please God

The secret to pleasing God is not to try at all. That’s because God’s isn’t pleased by our efforts, they are imperfect, filthy rags. He is pleased by Christ and you are in Christ. Please God with your life is not a matter of trying, it’s a matter of relying on the fact that Jesus already tried and succeeded in pleasing Him and then gave it all to you.

You don’t have to fast and pray and give and serve and jump, skip, hop or run to please God. He is satisfied with you in Christ. He loves you and accepts you. Not as a sinner, no, if you’re born again, you’re no sinner. You’re a Child of God, totally pleasing to daddy.

Don’t try your best, it seems noble but it is worthless self-effort. Jesus is the Best and now in Him, you are just like Him.



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