Hard Work Or Spiritual Rest?

Don’t let them lie to you, hard work is not the key to success. Many work hard everyday of their lives yet still fail miserably. The real key to success in any area of life, is to rest while you work.

Rest in God’s love and in the finished work of Jesus. Rest in the knowledge that Jesus has become your righteousness and that now you are favoured by God. Rest while you work. It’s about posture.

Alternatively you could worry, fight, fear, rush, push and pull – fill your life with self effort. You could fill your mind and heart with self-help success principles on what you must do, and say and how and when and why…all the time missing out on God’s free gift of restful increase.

When you lean on Jesus and what He has accomplished for you, stress will leave you, and so will fear and anxiety. Yes you can physically work, but your heart is at rest, trusting in the Lord. You will never fail that way. That’s the real key to success. Rest while you work.


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