The Sins Of Jesus

‘Guilty as Sin’? That was Jesus. So guilty in fact that the all merciful God couldn’t stand the sight of him – and had to turn away.

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or [insert favorite dictator here] – All practically saints compared to Jesus. They had to be, if God’s plan was going to work. Jesus wasn’t going to succeed by taking on just the sin of the guy who steals stationery from the office. He came for the worst we had to offer.

The Satanic, murderous, child molesting, serial rapist…

That’s who he came for…and that’s what he had to become. But he didn’t come just so that you would forgiven of your sins. (That would’ve been amazing enough – but) God’s plan was even better.

See the real truth is that Jesus didn’t just take your punishment, he took your guilt – he became your sin – and that makes all the difference.

If he’s taken only your punishment, you’d still be guilty…with someone else having paid the consequences. But the truth is, thanks to Jesus,

You’re NOT guilty. You’ve done NOTHING wrong!

Your sense of guilt and self-condemnation are completely misplaced and misguided – but ONLY if you’re born again FOR SURE. Only if you’re really IN Christ. Don’t take my word for it – that’s what the Boss says…


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