Living Righteously Without The Law

How can I live right if I don’t have the law to tell me right and wrong? This is a question many of us have asked when the revelation of grace reaches us. The law of Moses made it really easy to know what sin looked like so that you could be careful not to do it.  Without that guide, surely we will fall into sin right?


You see now that we are no longer under the law; we are in fact led by the Spirit himself! Instead of the rules of God, we are led now by God himself! It’s a wonderful work of grace.

Remember Joseph in the bible? When he was tempted by Potiphers wife to commit adultery with her, he had no law to guide him. No rule book at all for this was hundreds of years before Moses. Yet how did he know to resist sin, and how was he able to do it? He kept his eyes on the grace (unmerited favour) of God in his life. He immediately tells her of how God has favoured him and blessed the work of his hands in Potiphers house – then runs off!

Without the law, a man without the Spirit of God was able not only to discern that Adultery was sin but also resist it, all because he was mindful of God’s grace on his life. What more you and I who now have the Lord Jesus and his Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts.

The Bible says that those who are led by the Spirit are not under the law. Why? Because we don’t need to be anymore!




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