Sentence Daddy God To Life In Prison!

The arrogance of self-righteousness is incredible! Imagine a people so ignorant and arrogant that they dared accuse Jesus of sin, sentencing him to shameful death!

Today they would do the same to our Father.

So often the things we accuse our Father in heaven of doing, we would sentence an earthly father to prison for life for. Someone gets sick and God is teaching him humility, an earthquake destroys homes and lives and it’s Him punishing his children for disobedience!

It’s a real shame so many have not understood the love of God, and the passion with which he cares for us. Our pain is his pain, and he feels it much more deeply than we do, because he loves us, even more than we love ourselves.

Do you have sickness in your body right now? It’s not from your daddy in Heaven. Like any good father, He is firmly on your side against everything that would harm you even in the slightest.

Trust in his love today. He is one your side, never against you, never the cause of your pain, but always very present to help you.



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