Posted in December 2012

Here comes 2013

2013. Its going to be a long road if you walk alone. its going to be a hard road if you walk in your own strength. You don’t have to though. You can walk with Jesus. You do that by choosing to rely on him, not you. not your wisdom and street smarts, not your … Continue reading


Stop Making Payments, The Law Is Fulfilled!

Jesus said he came to fulfill the Law. Did he? Did he came accomplish his goal or did he fail? many are living as though the son of God failed in his mission to fulfill the Law when he came. listen, Jesus has fulfilled the Law,  every part of it. Do you understand? Now stop … Continue reading


C’mun, Be Honest About It!

C’MUN, BE HONEST!! With God and with yourself. If what you’ve thought for years to be true, and what your pastor is saying and what that author wrote about God just isn’t getting any lasting results for you, be honest about it! Don’t pretend it is working because of reputation or social standing. Admit it … Continue reading