C’mun, Be Honest About It!

C’MUN, BE HONEST!! With God and with yourself. If what you’ve thought for years to be true, and what your pastor is saying and what that author wrote about God just isn’t getting any lasting results for you, be honest about it!

Don’t pretend it is working because of reputation or social standing. Admit it “God i really don’t know what the heck is going on here – help!”. Don’t try to be clever or… eloquent about it…let your own strength come to an end and discard it.

Then and only then, will God’s power start to operate in your life in a real way…not in the pretend ‘goose bumps and empty ‘shouts of victory’ at Sunday Church – but in ways that cause you to enjoy permanent success over weaknesses, sin, obstacles and impossible situations in your life.


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