Posted in June 2013

Accidental Satanism?

Actually Satanism isn’t as bad as you think! Understand that the essence of Satanism is not worship of the devil…it’s the worship of self. Satanism sounds like many ‘good people’ today whose trust is in themselves, not Christ. “I can do whatever i set my mind to” “Do what feels good to you” “I’m a … Continue reading

God Wants To Kill You!

God’s plan is not to empower a weak man, but to kill him. He wants to end your life so that you no longer rely on your own wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, will power & talent. Instead, having died, you’re resurrected to a new life, fully reliant on the ability of Jesus for life and Godliness. … Continue reading

Looking to The Finished Work Of Jesus

Grace is victory over sin, just as faith is the victory that overcomes the world. It’s not the “better fight” it’s the actual victory. It’s not the chance to do better, it’s the actual better! It’s not the “go, do your best to sin no more”, it’s the actual “I no more sin” It’s not … Continue reading