Looking to The Finished Work Of Jesus

Grace is victory over sin, just as faith is the victory that overcomes
the world. It’s not the “better fight” it’s the actual victory. It’s
not the chance to do better, it’s the actual better! It’s not the “go, do your best to
sin no more”, it’s the actual “I no more sin” It’s not the –

Arh, I hope this makes sense to you??!

You say Max, “my experience differs, i know about grace but I still
sometimes sin, i still fail, i still lose”.

Let me tell you, you have NEVER failed while at the same time
operating by faith in the grace of God. All your failures come from
when you have ‘stepped out’ of finished works, and tried to accomplish
what you perceived as not yet accomplished for you.

You tried to be a new person, not recognizing that God has already made you new.
You tried to not sin without recognizing that you are already dead to
sin in Christ.
You tried to get God to provide for you without
recognizing that He has Already given you riches in glory in Christ

The Holy Spirit is present in your now, constantly pointing you to
Jesus 2000 years ago. Supplying you presently with what was already
worked for you on the cross.

Grace takes you into finished works, not better works. Faith in Christ
has its eyes on what is ALREADY done, not what you are yet to see
unfold with your natural eyes.


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