God Wants To Kill You!

God’s plan is not to empower a weak man, but to kill him.

He wants to end your life so that you no longer rely on your own wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, will power & talent. Instead, having died, you’re resurrected to a new life, fully reliant on the ability of Jesus for life and Godliness.

The problem is that many are fighting to hold on to their own strengths outside of a reliance on Christ. This is the danger of the ‘self-help’ teaching that has infiltrated the church. Instead of teaching you how to enjoy the power of God in your life, it teaches you how to live without his provision, in favor of your own.

This is how we wind up with Christians who only really pray when all else has failed. Who only seek God when they’re in trouble.

If you are born again, you are dead…Christ now lives in you. Don’t live as though you are still alive – trying to be like Christ.


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