Jesus From Beginning To End

Colossians 2:6 (ISV) So then, just as you have received the Messiah Jesus the Lord, continue to live dependent on him.

All Christians know our initial salvation is purely by grace, after that though, many become confused. Rather than continuing in the grace received, they attempt to go back to the law , just as many of the early Jewish Christian’s did. They have faith that grace can take them to heaven, but doubt that it can sanctify them on earth.

In effect, many believe you enter salvation by way of Jesus, but maintain it by way of Moses. They believe they are forgiven thanks to Jesus, but they must now live as Jews. This is 100% false.

The Christian life is from grace, from first to last, by faith in Jesus from day one, to the end of days.

Jesus from beginning to end and everyday in between. God has a new agreement for mankind and it is wholly contained in Jesus…no extra’s required.


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