What The New Testament Is NOT

new-testamentYesterday we talked a little about tithing and whether or not it was relevant to Christians. I noticed though that most of the comments and all the inbox questions i was getting can be answered through a clearer understanding of what the new testament actually is


1) IT’S NOT Matthew to Revelation. That’s just what your bible calls the new testament section, but the actual start of the New Testament is the resurrection of Jesus. Before Jesus was raised, no one was a Christian,no one was born again. He was interacting with Jews and Gentiles (non Jews).

2) Christianity is NOT simply Judaism on steroids. It’s not a simple continuation of the old testament minus killing animals. It’s a whole new breed of human that is infused with the life of Jesus himself. Jesus is now your standing before God and this makes ALL the difference.

It’s important to understand that MUCH of what was said to or about the Jews is not said to or about you. You are not a Jew…your covenant is different, your status before God is different, your relationship with both God and Satan are completely different.

This is why i don’t tithe – nor should any Christian ever allow any Church, pastor or teaching con you into thinking that you owe God 10% of your earnings. The Jews did – it was a required form of honor for them. You are not a Jew. You are not even similar to a Jew.

In fact the only thing you have in common with the Old Testament Jews is that 1) You worship the same God and 2) you needed the same solution for your sin problem…Jesus.


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