Too Afraid To be A Bad Person?

karma in christianity

No, Good Karma is not Christianity

Fear is a powerful motivator. So powerful it can even make a bad heart behave like a good one would.

  • It can make a giver of someone who fears the consequences of not tithing.
  • It can make a respectful man of the one who fears “touch not my anointed”
  • It can make a faithful man of the one who fears “soul ties”
  • It can make an honest businessman of the one who fears “Karma”

Fear is so powerful it can even turn someone into an 24/7, every meeting attending, car bumper sticking, From memory bible quoting, super evangelizing, all night praying, no cheating, stealing or fornicating, giving money to the poor kind of person.

The root of this fear?

I am not fully convinced that my righteousness is a free gift. I am not fully persuaded that i am righteous and blessed completely apart from the law or my religious or moral performance. I still hold to the lie that maybe…just maybe, God is not really, completely, 100% for me, even when i mess up…so i better not. I better do all i can to be on his good side.

Rent is coming up in a few days, the doctor says it’s getting worse, I need to get married…God might not help me if i don’t prove just how committed i am to Him.

This is not what Jesus came for, don’t settle for it.

The illusion is that God is satisfied with this external appearance of good…that was Judaism, and it never satisfied God. Won’t you let Jesus get rid of all that fear?



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