Yes, But Do You DESERVE a Miracle?

i need a miracleNeed a miracle?

Here’s the advice religion offers – “If only you were better at resisting temptation, God would help you. If only you were more determined, more disciplined, more dedicated to God. If only you behaved better…then maybe God would help you with that sickness, with that debt, with that marriage, with that situation.”

And in this way, you find yourself saying you’re saved by grace with your mouth, but believing your saved by works with your heart. You say “God is good”, but in your heart your believe “God is good only to good people”

Under the religion of law, there is always more to be done before God will answer your prayer. There’s always just one more duty to fulfill, one more spiritual principle to discover, one more “never be the same again” event to attend…but you’ll never arrive.

When will you finally say “I give up on trying to add to the cross...what Jesus did for me was enough for my righteousness, for my miracle, for my whole life, i will put all my confidence in him, not in me!”.


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