Max, Don’t You Respect God’s Law?

ten commandmentsI was asked “Max, why do you speak so much about grace and respect the law so little?”


Friends, grace IS the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without it, we have nothing from God and no friendship with him. Without grace we are doomed. But i do have a GREAT respect for the law of Moses. That’s why i am so grateful to not be under it, to not be a prisoner of it, and to not have to serve God through it!

If God were to judge me based on Max Soutter’s behavior, motives and habits, i might look better than some people, but i would be no better than a child molesting, murderous, idol worshiping satanist compared to his perfection.

Let us rather put confidence for our, eternal salvation, blessings, protection, provision, healing, joy, peace, completely in the perfect one, than in perfect behavior. Faith and self works, grace and law, Jesus and Moses, were never meant to be mixed.


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