When Fear Comes

Fear is the devil’s anointing…that’s how you know he is trying to do something in your life. Let me tell you how to handle fear. DONT CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. Open it and declare Christ’s victory in your situation. DO NOT get into positive thinking…that doesnt scare the devil…get into the word of his grace and … Continue reading

Too Afraid To be A Bad Person?

Fear is a powerful motivator. So powerful it can even make a bad heart behave like a good one would. It can make a giver of someone who fears the consequences of not tithing. It can make a respectful man of the one who fears “touch not my anointed” It can make a faithful man … Continue reading

What The New Testament Is NOT

Yesterday we talked a little about tithing and whether or not it was relevant to Christians. I noticed though that most of the comments and all the inbox questions i was getting can be answered through a clearer understanding of what the new testament actually is   1) IT’S NOT Matthew to Revelation. That’s just … Continue reading

The Business Of Fear

Fear is BIG business, that’s why it’s everywhere you go. Hollywood entertains you with fear, the newspapers Inform you with fear but no one does it better than religion. They preach on how God will punish you for not tithing, and “not bless you” for not giving. Now you’ve come to believe that your money … Continue reading

He’s Not Pastor Of Your Destiny?

Your destiny is not limited to your pastors vision… don’t be controlled by people who use the bible to build their own empires, wake up. You will not find it in the bible that someone needs permission from the pastor to start a ministry or evangelize or even join another church! Some of these are … Continue reading

Satan the Encourager?

God wants to discourage you, the devil wants to encourage you. God wants you so utterly overwhelmed and discouraged by your efforts to be righteous that you completely give up. satan wants you to give it your all, to never quit trying to obey the law of God. God’s plan is that you should finally … Continue reading

Will I Go To Heaven If I Die Today?

Will I Go To Heaven If I Die Today?

“Will i go to Heaven or Hell” is a question many people have worried about, sometimes secretly, at least once in their lives. There has been so much “If you die today” preaching that you’re forced to ask the question. I scribbled this infographic to help explain how it really works. Share it with a … Continue reading